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Analyzing and Comparing the Mise-en-scene of David O'Russel's Three Essay

Examining and Comparing the Mise-en-scene of David O'Russel's Three Kings to Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan - Essay Example David O’Russell knew the intensity of setting a story during the hour of war, along these lines he thought of the most finely tuned, unpredictably traditional film Three Kings. Both Saving Private Ryan and Three Kings have adequately demonstrated war in an unfaltering manner that serves comparable points yet accomplishes this in various habits. O’Russell’s Three Kings plainly utilizes the account gadget of a moral story to relate the Gulf War’s moral exercises just as to change America’s moral situation over the individuals of Iraq through reexamining what was seen as an ethical thrashing. The film tells a story of a group of four U.S warriors on tasks at the Gulf toward the finish of the debate as they discover a guide to one of the discharge dugouts of Saddam Hussein, containing colossal measures of Kuwait gold, and plan to take it for their own benefits. Then again, Steven Spielberg has been scrutinized for neglecting to utilize account activity basing on the good and national reason in his film Saving Private Ryan. This analysis can be comprehended in the point of view of the requirements put on current true to life accounts of war by the Vietnam disorder (Andersen 193). Despite the fact that Three Kings is created around an unquestionably American-based anecdotal plot, this film ordinarily means to acquire issues concerning Iraq and addresses it somewhat as the film creates. Then again, Saving Private Ryan attempts to reillusion American national peculiarity in the wake of Vietnam by introducing an increasingly removed past. The particular moral legitimization for beginning war and conceding its penances and repulsions is found in moral crusades against the Nazi plot of Holocaust. Through sewing the Holocaust into the film, the film participates in ‘Americanization’ of a memory of Holocaust, maintains a strategic distance from Vietnam as a wellspring of troubling memory, delivers a redemptive national uniquen ess, and builds a good usable past in the present. In the two movies, the utilization of symbolism has been obviously used. Sparing Private Ryan starts and finishes with a fix of a banner that is blurred and desaturated of shading. The red hues have gone to pink, white to dark, and the blue hues have lost their shading totally. The banner is straightforward, moving forward and back in the focal point of a cool sunset as the daylight enters straight through it. The purpose for this is the banner represents a lost time and a blurring age. The American elites who battled to keep such pennants were gone and the film was produced for the good of they. Such highlights show that Saving Private Ryan might be the best film at any point created about repulsiveness and gallantry in war circumstances. It shows how gallant lead can be bizarrely troublesome, indiscreet, fortunate, instinctual, and conscious, at the same time. Interestingly, Three Kings had blended gatherings on its discharge. All in all, surveys included recognition for specialized components of the film just as analysis of the manner in which the Gulf War was introduced. In the Washington Post, Stephen Hunter asserted the style of the film had the inclination best in class, as it rethinks the past war film post-currently. He further reasons that the film was ideologically unremarkable. Additionally, Three Kings utilizes a type of symbolism in the storyline. Toward the beginning of the scene, a conversation goes on between Major Gates and his Staff Sergeant, remaining close to a helicopter. The picture of a helicopter was utilized as a symbol in this film, however not habitually utilized outside the scene (Andersen 194). Toward the start, when a shot slices through, clearly the situating of the characters is to empower the sharp edge to stay at the core of the screen, directly between the

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Philosophy of Education Examples for Elementary Teachers

Reasoning of Education Examples for Elementary Teachers A way of thinking of training articulation, some of the time called a showing explanation, ought to be a staple in each instructor portfolio. For grade teachers, the announcement is a chance to characterize what instructing intends to you and permits you to portray how and why you educate as you do at the beginning times of learning. The accompanying tips and reasoning of training models for basic educators can assist you with composing an exposition that youll be pleased to have. A way of thinking of training explanation is a chance to characterize what instructing intends to you, and to depict how and why you educate as you do. Articulating this announcement in the main individual and utilizing a customary paper position (presentation, body, end) will assist you with creating a suffering and motivating individual proclamation. Structure of a Teaching Philosophy In contrast to different sorts of composing, instructive proclamations are every now and again written in the main individual on the grounds that these are close to home papers on your picked calling. As a rule, they ought to be one to two pages in length, however they can be longer if youve had a broad profession. Like different articles, a great instructive way of thinking ought to have a presentation, a body, and an end. Here is an example structure. Presentation Utilize this passage to depict your perspectives on educating from a general perspective. Express your postulation (for instance, My way of thinking of instruction is that each youngster ought to reserve the privilege to learn and get quality training.) and talk about your beliefs. Be brief; youll utilize the accompanying passages to clarify the subtleties. Consider parts of early training that are exceptional to rudimentary instructors, and bring these standards into your composition. Body Utilize the accompanying three to five sections (or more, if necessary) to expound on your early on proclamation. For instance, you could examine the perfect rudimentary homeroom condition and how it makes you a superior instructor, addresses understudy needs, and encourages parent/youngster collaborations. Expand on these beliefs in the accompanying sections by examining how you keep your classes mindful and drew in, howâ you encourage age-suitable learning,â and how youâ involve understudies inâ the evaluation process. Whatever your methodology, make sure to concentrate on what you esteem most as a teacher and to refer to instances of how youve put these ​​idealsâ into practice. End Go past just repeating your instructive way of thinking in your end. Rather, talk about your objectives as an educator, how you have had the option to meet them previously, and how you can expand on these to meet future challenges.â Reasoning of instruction records for rudimentary educators are exceptionally close to home and special to the person. While some may have likenesses, your own way of thinking should concentrate on your own way to deal with instructional method and study hall the board. Concentrate on what makes you exceptional as an instructor, and how you wish to propel your profession to additionally bolster rudimentary training. Composing Prompts Likewise with any composition, set aside the effort to layout your thoughts before you start. The accompanying tips can assist you with creating your showing reasoning articulation: Conceptualize aboutâ your instructive way of thinking and yourâ views of training, making notes on those standards you esteem most. This can assist you with articulating your way of thinking as you arrange your essay.Demonstrate how you have incorporated your instructive way of thinking in the homeroom by refering to explicit models and results with understudies, guardians, or individual instructors and administrators. Reflect on your experience over your vocation. Undoubtedly, your encouraging way of thinking has changed after some time. Think about the chances and difficulties that lie ahead, and how you mean to meet them.Connect with others and converse with your friends in the field, just as coaches. Get some information about how they created their papers and request that they audit yours once you complete it. Having individuals who know you and your encouraging style well audit your work can assist you with creating a really delegate statement.Review a couple of test papers to help you as you start composing your own. Professional success Going after a shiny new position isnt the main time you need an instructive way of thinking. On the off chance that youre looking for an advancement or are applying for residency, youll need to specialty or update your instructive way of thinking proclamation. Over the long haul, your way to deal with instruction and homeroom the executives will probably advance, thus will your convictions. Refreshing your way of thinking permits you to verbalize your expert inspirations and objectives, just as your way to deal with teaching others so eyewitnesses can have a superior feeling of what your identity is, even without watching you in the study hall. Consider checking on your way of thinking at regular intervals.

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How I Accidentally Double Majored

How I Accidentally Double Majored I like writing. I like writing about issues at school, like mental health, and I like writing poetry about my own issues and passions. I like writing seriously, creatively, and/or experimentally. I write about polymers, I write about cats. I write about kittens and Vulcans experimentally. One thing I really like about MIT is that there is a HASS (humanities, arts, and social sciences) requirement. All students must take eight HASS classes to graduate, an average of one a semester. I waved around that average I took 0 HASS classes my first semester, 3 my second, 0 my third, 3 my fourth. Each student must focus on a HASS subject eventually, called a concentration. After my third semester at MIT, I had no idea what I would concentrate in, having taken three different subjects in three different departments. Then I took a poetry class. And a journalism class and a literature class and another couple poetry classes. I finished my concentration in writing in one semester, and it got me thinking maybe I could minor in this. I love writing maybe it could be more than a concentration. So I took a few (okay, a lot) more writing classes. I found myself enjoying the writing classes and my job outside of class working with polymers better than some of my materials science classes. And it got me thinking could I actually double major in this? So I sent an email a month ago to the advisor for the writing department, and she got back to me quickly. We met and the next thing I know Im handing in a sheet of paper declaring writing as my second major. Well, applying for the second major. Last semester, I was worried about graduating and finishing with a degree in materials science and engineering. Now, Ive finished that degree, and Im two classes and one thesis away from a second degree in writing at MIT. Hopefully. Too good to be true? Thats what I thought. Theres a committee that decides if you are worthy of a second major, and I had to apply to them with all the terms of getting a second major. So when I handed in my double major form, the committee member said Wait, oh, youre graduating this semester. You need to write an essay. Turns out my application is three months late. Thankfully, I have good reason for it being late. Also, I thought it was hilarious that I had to write an essay for my writing major application. Hahaha. The reasons for my tardiness? I honestly did not think it was possible for me to get a second major, and I was sick at the end of last semester. Michelle G. 18 wrote  about  what it is like to not be well at the end of a semester, and it is not fun. I was not ready to think about going through meetings and about the academic future last semester. I was focused on the present and what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I guess some thinking about the future. But even those decisions were pushed until the end of January, when I finally made a job decision. But more on that another time. Why did I think it was so impossible for me to get a double major? Maybe it has to do with imposter syndrome. But actually it has to do with me claiming that my GPA would drop significantly at any moment just from me staring at it for too long and then I wouldnt be able to get the writing major anymore because I could not go on MISTI that one time because I thought my GPA was not good enough (so I got a cat instead) and if my GPA is not high enough that means Im not good enough, right? No! It means that I am perfectly capable as a human being GPA is in absolutely no way everything and it adds so much pressure to an already pressure-filled environment and rant rant rant. Its actually all about imposter syndrome and GPA is not everything. So I applied for my double major late, and I find out in two-three weeks if I get it! I hope I do. As I said in my double major late letter to the committee: I have spent so much of my time at MIT writing, I would be so happy if I could show this in a way other than my MIT admissions blog posts and my other writings. I want to be able to apply my skills even more effectively when I work with photopolymers and complete write-ups effectively. I want to be a master of communication, and I feel like a writing major from MIT in addition to my 3A would allow me to do that. POLYMERS! Not just any polymers photopolymers. I want to write about photopolymers. Experimentally. More on that another time. Photopolymers and jobs. How did this happen? It took a lot of passion about a couple of really interesting things. It took taking some lighter and some heavier course loads as necessary. It took giving up some clubs and extra jobs to focus on one job and classes. To focus on being happy. Most of all, it took learning how to MIT. To balance life with classes and running around like a maniac. Because although most of the time I feel like doing this: Im working really hard to get better. And just by having done enough to qualify for this major, Ive shown just how strong I can be and how much I can accomplish. I can graduate from MIT. And that is pretty damn awesome.

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Analysis Of Tinker Vs. Des Moines, And Bethel V. Fraser

The first amendment, which is considered the right to freedom of speech, is a misconception to many. Not all citizens, but some, think that because of the first amendment; they can say whatever they want. Although citizens of the United States have the right to freedom of speech, this freedom of speech is viewed differently by others. Which leads to confusion as to what can be said and what cannot be said. Both court cases: Tinker v. Des Moines, and Bethel v. Fraser involved the confusion and misunderstanding of this first amendment. â€Å"In December, 1969, a group of students in Des Moines held a meeting in the home of Christopher Eckhardt to plan a public showing of their support for a truce in the Vietnam War.†1 These students decided to wear black armbands to show their support. These students included: John F. Tinker, Hope Tinker, Mary Beth Tinker, Paul Tinker, and Christopher Eckhardt. Whenever the Principal found out about their plan, he stated that any student found w earing these black armbands would be suspended.2 Despite the Principal’s warning, the students still wore the black armbands.3 On December 16, Christopher Eckhardt and Mary Beth Tinker wore their black armbands to school and were sent home. The next day, John Tinker wore his armband and was also sent home. Because of the protest, the students did not return to school until after New Year’s Day. This was the date they planned to end the protest.4 Parents, of the children who were sent home, were furious.

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Police Shouldn t Be Allowed For Search A Cell Phone Of...

Student Professor Course Date OUTLINE Title: Police shouldn’t be allowed to search a cell phone of anyone they arrest without a warrant. Thesis: The basic right to privacy and with it the unfortunate antithesis of the barbaric act of police in searching through a cellphone of anyone they arrest without a warrant. 1. Introduction a) The importance of privacy. b) Thesis statement. 2. Overview of warrants a) The process of issuance of warrants. b) Why warrant is necessary. 3. The right to privacy a) The original aim of formulating rights to privacy. b) The limits to the privacy. 4. Exceptional cases a) Why warrantless search can be conducted. b) Examples of such cases. 5. Cellphone exceptionality in warrantless search a) The Supreme Court ruling in favor of the warrant requirement for mobile phone searching. b) Implication for the future. 6. Conclusion The police shouldn’t be allowed to search a cell phone of anyone they arrest without a warrant. Introduction Every citizen has a fundamental right to privacy and this is enshrined in the constitution. The event of losing privacy is a chilling experience similar to being laid naked in public. This situation mainly occurs when police arrests a suspect and searching everything, even the unnecessary private belongings in the name of conducting investigations. The common intrusion to personal information nowadays is seizure of cell phone by the police in arrest cases (Stephens et al. 31). The awareness of ones right to privacy and

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Belonging Salem witch trials Free Essays

One’s sense of belonging can be defined in so many different ways. For some belonging is experienced through familiarity with ones environment. For others, belonging is more about feeling part of a group and being accepted in their community. We will write a custom essay sample on Belonging: Salem witch trials or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many of these concepts are explored in the texts, A play in four acts titled The Crucible by Arthur Miller, A picture book titled The Red Tree by Shaun Tan, and a poem called Metho Drinker by Judith Wright. All of these texts reflect belonging in a different way, the Red Tree focusing on visual imagery to emphasize displacement, The Crucible based on witchcraft, love, and the need of a high status to belong, and the poem Metho Drinker, revealing concern and compassion for a man who only belongs to his addiction. Displacement from ones natural environment can lead to an absence of belonging. This is shown in The Red Tree as the large size of the glass bottle and its position being close to the viewers eye is contrasted with the fainter less visible image of the ocean creating an absence of belonging. Furthermore the glass bottle is overshadowed by a dark blue sky in contrast with the smoky whites and blues of the sky above the ocean creating a sense of distance between the diver and its natural environment. the imagery shown of The glass bottle is situated on a barren landscape bereft of any life and surrounded by rocks and stones. Entrapment can lead to isolation preventing a sense of belonging. The thickness of the glass bottle and the narrow bottle neck give the effect of the diver being trapped with no form of escape. The diver is sitting hunched in a stiff position in the centre of the bottle emphasizing its sense of entrapment. In the poem ‘Metho Drinker’ the author is revealing her compassion and concern for the Metho drinker. A strong sense of belonging is clearly revealed in this poem. Displacement is shown in the first stanza as â€Å"the cruelty of human eyes†, revealing society shunts and rejects him due to his strong addiction to Metho (Alcohol). The personification in the second stanza â€Å"his white and burning girl, his woman of fire† is used because the alcohol he drinks (Metho) is his lover and it shows the intensity of how he belongs to his addiction as he compares it to a woman. The slang language used throughout the poem is suggesting his level in society showing the sense of non belonging and the tone of empathy and compassion created. At the end of the first stanza â€Å"Nothing now he lies†, we get nothing with a capital N because he doesn’t belong in society as he means nothing. The poem ends with sad imagery of a Metho Drinkers dominance by his mysterious passion that doesn’t bring peace and led him to the exclusion to not belong. This poem demonstrates a strong sense of belonging and choosing not to belong was shown due to his addiction â€Å"Metho† that he couldn’t sacrifice anything for. In the play the Crucible the events of the play demonstrate a huge power that can be wielded by groups and those whole belong to a group. It shows a small, seemingly powerless group can disrupt a entire community. Prior to the witch trials, Abigail and the girls were not powerful members of Salem society. Yet through unity, they manage to hold their whole community have people tied and have them executed, but belonging to this group also means they share the same potential gains and risks. Those who should belong are excluded until there is nothing left to belong to. The protagonist of the play ‘John Proctor’ is an individual who has not put a high priority on belonging in his life. Proctor chooses not to belong to Salem society. The fact that he has sinned with Parris’s 17 year old niece Abigail from Salem society causes him to view himself as a hypocrite and not worthy of association of such people like Rebecca Nurse, the most respected and highly regarded member of Salem society, therefore Proctor regards them as better than him. Proctor doesn’t even belong to his own family as at the beginning of the play his sin is still playing a negative influence on his relationship with his wife Elizabeth. In Act two we see that they are uncomfortable with each other. He doesn’t really belong to his family because he’s strayed from them. The repetition and alliteration of â€Å"spare me! You forget nothin’ and forgive nothin† was used to make his point too Elizabeth to show that she has not forgiven him because of the sin. His strong sense of belonging is reflected as he yells â€Å"because it is my name, leave me my name†. This clearly shows us the society he belongs to doesn’t accept him anymore and he fights to save his name so he can be remembered and belong to the Salem society. John Proctor believes that he is unworthy of belonging because of his affair with Abigail. He doesn’t deserve Elizabeth’s love or the respect of the community. Proctors confession of his sexual desire is an confess of secret guilt. He finally achieves his self acceptance and a sense of belonging in his marriage but when everything goes right before he grants a death penalty. In this play belonging is never based on the truth. The truth becomes a shared thing, something everyone agrees on. Belonging therefore is manifested (visible) in so many different ways as evidenced in the crucible, the red tree, and Metho drinker. How to cite Belonging: Salem witch trials, Papers

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Oats R Us free essay sample

After considerable help from local retailers and a sponsorship by a major bread company their firm, Oats ‘R’ Us, was established in 1998 and reached sales of over $4 million by 2004. Given the current trend of eating healthy snacks and keeping fit, Mason was confident that sales would increase significantly over the next few years. The industry growth forecast had been estimated at 30% per year and Mason was confident that his firm would be able to at least achieve if not beat that rate of sales growth. We must plan for the future,† said Vicky. â€Å"I think we’ve been playing it by ear for too long. † Mason immediately called the finance manager, Jim Moroney. â€Å"Jim, I need to know how much additional funding we are going to need for the next year,† said Mason. â€Å"The growth rate of revenues should be between 25% and 40%. I would really appreciate if you can have the forecast on my desk by early next week. We will write a custom essay sample on Oats R Us or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † Jim knew that his fishing plans for the weekend had better be put aside since it was going to be a long and busy weekend for him. He immediately asked the accounting department to give him the last three years’ financial statements (see Tables 1 and 2) and got right to work! Questions: 1. Since this is the first time Vicky and Mason will be conducting a financial forecast for Oats ‘R’ Us, how do you think Jim should proceed? Which approaches or models can they use? What are the assumptions necessary for utilizing each model/approach? 2. If Oats ‘R’ Us is operating its fixed assets at full capacity, what growth rate can it support without the need for any additional external financing? 3. Oats ‘R’ Us has a flexible credit line with the Midway Bank. If Mason decides to keep the debt-equity ratio constant, up to what rate of growth in revenue can the firm support? What assumptions are necessary when calculating this rate of growth? Are these assumptions realistic in the case of Oats ‘R’ Us? Please explain. 4. Initially Jim assumes that the firm is operating at full capacity. How much additional financing will it need to support revenue growth rates ranging from 25% to 40% per year? 5. Portray analytical view of plan for 2013 along with summarized statements in PPT along and excel Table 1 Oats R Us Income Statement For the Year Ended Dec. 1st, 2012 2012 2011 Sales 4,700,000 3,760,000 Cost of Goods Sold 3,877,500 3,045,600 Gross Profit 822,500 714,400 Selling and GA